Heat-Resistant Release Film/ TPX Film-JX series (FPC & High-temperature lamination application )

Thickness:120um (50um~150um is avliable)
270mm(W270) / 560mm(W560)

 Producting range: w270mm ~ w630mm 

Heat resistance: Withstands temperatures up to 200
1.Meet the RoHS / REACH substances testing standards,Non-Silicon Oil material.

2.High temperature plastic with excellent performance, in the lamination process can be effectively prevent the adhesive.

3.With low pollution, good release-strength and dimensional stability from the type of features, And can be used for FPC / COF / Rigid-Flex lamination process.

4.Adhesive has good control effect.Suitable for use in the need to control the excess adhesive in the circuit board products.

Application process
For FPC Cover-Layer Lamination
For COF Cover-Layer Lamination
For Rigid-Flex Lamination